Others participants. Research workshop on artistic practice and its social projection

Andreas Siekmann

Guest - Research Workshop on artistic practice and its social projection- Buenos Aires 2001.

From: Limited Liability Company
Andreas Siekmann

From: Company of Limited Liabi-lity is a series of drawings, in progress since 1996, that is concerned with the effects on public space from economic power relationships that during the nineties have been res-tructured once and for all and no longer face any ideological competition. Public space refers not just to streets and plazas but especially to the production, and hence also control, of images and their patterns of significance, which reflect a trend in the society as a whole. "Neoliberalism" as an ideology is introduced into all aspects of society as the equivalent of the garrison decrees of the multinational corporations (reduction of corporate, income, and trade taxes, tariffs, mass layoffs, and so on). Committees overseeing downsizing are an absolute "must" for every section of the public interest. The city -including its cultural and social subsections - refers to itself as a "business" and indulges in a pose of efficiency. Both on the municipal or state level, this merely involves more simulation of competition (the philosopher's stone of the market economy). Almost monthly the cartel lobbies of the Orga-nization for Economic Cooperation and Deve-lopment - the G7+1 - agree upon their terms of trade, which effectively imposes their economic policy on the independent states in exchange for an offer to join the European Community or NATO. This is all concealed under the euphemism of modernization. "The mythology of efficiency can be described... as a well-considered delirium. It must be refuted, either by thought or facts"1... or by drawing.
From: Company of Limited Liability is divided into various lines of argument dedicated to the themes of unemployment, urban politics,
corporate management, and the presence of all of these in the media in urban space. In the drawings their effects 'reactions and counterreactions to decisions and plans in city politics' are portrayed, in order, finally, to explore the contrary by introducing an if-then twist.
All of the people and situations portrayed are not freely invented. An approximate similarity with real people is not coincidental and is
consciously intended.
Andreas Siekmann

1. Pierre Bordeau. Der Tote packt den Lebenden. Stuttgart 1997.



Andreas Siekmann. Artist, curator and theorist. Born in Hamm, Germany, in 1961. Lives in Berlin. Studied history and art history at Munster University and
obtained a MA in arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf.
Since 1987 makes shows and lectures in Germany. From: Company of Limited
Liability was shown at Documenta in 2002.
Recent work: in 2000-Welcome to the site. Barbara Weiss Gallery, Berlín;
Gouvernementalit Hannover, curated by Roger Buergel. Publications: Springerin, Wein, Die Beute, Frankfurt, Texte zu Kunzt, ANYP (Minimal Club), Berlin; DANK 92-94, Artfanzine, Hamburg, Spex. Essays: Catalogue, DANK, Painting 2000, Hamburg 1993, Internett, Frankfurt, 1995; AKADEMIE, Reader, by Dillemuth, Permanent Press, 1994, EkonoMiese machen, Reader to Messe 2ok, Amster-dam, Berlín, 1996; We drive for Bakunin, Frankfurt, Hamburg Wein 1994. Catalogues: Meine Zeit mein Raubtier, Dusseldorf, 1988, Res Publica, Sonne Gallery, Berlín, 1988; The Fox and the Grapes, Gallery Wuppertal, 1990, Sonsbeek 93, Arnhem NL 1993, Studio Hellerau.

Others participants. Research workshop on artistic practice and its social projection